Shrink Sleeve

Water Bottle Shrink Sleeve Labels

Water Bottle Shrink Sleeve Labels
Specification PVC shrink label for mineral water PLA Shrink Label
PLA the environment-friendly material which is 100‰ biodegradable
PET Shrink label OPS Shrink label
(Min-Max m/m)
0.025~0.07 0.05~0.07 0.04~0.06 0.045~0.05
(Min-Max m/m)
13~600mm 40~410mm 20~410 20~410
Length 500~2000M/R 500~2000M/R 500~1500M/R 2000M/R
Cut Length (m/m) 15~1000 15~1000 15~1050 15~1000
 Shrinkage (%) M.D.: 0±5
T.D.: 50±2/Normal
T.D.: 58±2/High
T.D.: 62±2/Ultra-High
M.D.: 0~5%
T.D.: 45~60%
M.D.: 0~5
 T.D.: 70-74
M.D.: 10~18
T.D.: 70~74
Pirnt Color 1~ 8   1~ 8 1~ 8 1~ 8

Shrink label: Suitable bottle, jar, tin, carbonated drink, can, mineral water, clean product, cosmetic, battery, medicine, and instant noodle, shrink label for bottle packaging,
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 Shrink  label :
  • Allows for complete decoration (full-body 360° labeling)
  • Suitable for metal, glass and plastic packaging containers.
  • Special effects such as thermo/photo/relief and metallic effects enhance appeal.
  • Optimally suited for tamper evident seals (freshness seals/security seals), promotional effects and full-body labeling.


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