Out Door Holiday Light - OEM & ODM molding

Out Door Holiday Light


Out  Door Holiday Light


A new take on an old design, these giant LED Christmas light bulbs offer a whimsical way to drape a happy holiday
home  in cheery yuletide light. Each bulb has its own plug and socket cord, allowing for complete customization.


Includes five individually corded light bulbs


15'' H x 20.5'' circumference

Socket cord

 17'' to 18'' L


2.13'' L; 0.63'' inside diameter


Bulb material  HDPE , Hook material PP


One Box 5 light


UL proof

Delivery time

30-45 DAYS

Each light is 14.5" tall and 6.55" wide. The design and functionality are both patent pending.
They are sleek and durable. Each light is comprised of 1 0.6W LED and literally hundreds
can be linked together on the same circuit. Each bulb puts out 14 lumens.

1 Box consists of: 5 individually corded LED powered Christmas lights.
Together they span 15 feet on a house, apartment, tree, or city block!

 It’s up to you how spread apart you want them to hang. Red, blue, yellow, green,
& white make up the multi-color option. Hanging hooks are included.